Worse and getting "worser"

After my original complaints, I decided to give it my best effort to make this work. What a waste of my time. I was so distracted by the obviously bad that I didn't even realize my entire budget was gone. All of my previously entered "checks" were gone -- back to check numbers and no categorization.


The amount of work required by me to make this update work is beyond my ability. I just don't have time for this. As we approach full retirement, the timing could not be any worse. I'm better off with Excel than this POS web app and iOS app.


It is beyond my comprehension how this was allowed to happen. I intend to close down my rewards card, which we use for every single purchase possible, even though it will be a huge pain. Eventually moving all banking out of USAA seems to be the only way to get through to them -- eliminate the revenue they earn from my banking.

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@ALGOL, I am very sorry to hear of the disappointment and frustration this has caused you. We are truly grateful for your membership and certainly do not want you to close your accounts. I have confirmed your concerns have been shared with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn