Worse Customer Experience Ever - Death of Family Member

Dear other USAA members - do not ever put another account holder on our account.  If you do, and they die first - you will wish you had died first.  I have been on hold 9 times over the past 2 months (currently on hold for the past 20 minutes) after USAA called me....trying to remove my dead mother from my account and to add my brother as the new beneficiary.  They have mailed me at least 10 documents only to tell me they keep sending me the wrong ones.  USAA has lost it's way...very disappoting...don't let their incompetence take up any more of your time during a family hardship like this...just don't have them on the account at all.

Anyone else remember the good old usaa days when customers came first? 



@sportsman tn, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, please accept my condolences. Also sorry it has been such a hassle. This especially isn't the time we ever want you to be disappointed. I am forwarding your concerns now to a Bank specialist to review. Take care of yourself, again sorry for your loss. ~Tom