So I thought to build up my credit I would take advantage of the USAA secured credit card program. $250 into a CD seems easy enough. I got paid Thursday so I paid my balance off in full but the funds aren't available? Up to 8 days to clear? It's coming from my USAA checking account. So really that means you're holding $500 of my money and I don't have access to any of it for Valentine's weekend. :(


I would guess that they want to ensure that no further transactions will come through.  

I'm gunna just start off by saying USAA has reasons for those kind of payment holds, there is about 8 reasons if I can recall correctly. If this was your very first payment that's a reasonable reason USAA would put a payment hold on your account. Ultimately to verify that funds are available in that account. I'm sorry friend.

That sucks!
Actually I've had the account for 6 months. I don't pay it in full every month but usually every other, yes and it comes from USAA checking account

Dear TXpoet,

I can understand your frustration! If you please send us an email to we will get a specialist to look into why your funds are on hold. (please include your member number and the best way to contact you)


Just for general knowledge, the Funds Availability details (in the depository agreement) can be found on page 20 of this PDF document.


Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!