Will we be receiving new Chip debit/card cards before Oct 1?

I understand all merchants have to begin accepting the chip technology by Oct 1 or be held liable for any fraud resulting from swiped cards.  My USAA debit card and AmEx do not have the chip technology.  Will I be receiving new cards by Oct 1? If not, that hardly seems fair to the merchants who will be accepting chipped cards.  Thanks!


Hi bmac66!


I have sent your question over to our bank, I will post here once I have an answer for you. Thanks!



Thank you for your patience, bmac66!


Here is the response from our banking partners:


"USAA is currently in the process of converting all debit cards and credit cards to Chip Cards. This conversion process will continue into early 2016. Please keep in mind that it is possible for joint account holders to have their cards converted at different times through the conversion process. New cards will need to be activated upon receipt."


Thank you. :-)