I have lived in Europe for 5 years and to pay my bills i have to transfer funds from USAA to another US Bank to pay bills, becuase USAA does not have an IBAN and the other bank does. My service charge to do this is 5$ to other bank - this adds up to 300 over this time. If that is just me, image all the other military / civilians that are in this same situation. Make life alittle easier and get and IBAN!? 

I have actually thought of switching banks completely, based on this and the fact that my car insurance through USAA was 900 more a year than a local insurance agency. 


@European Life, Thank you for reaching out about the IBAN number. I am going to forward your feedback to the appropriate team and also send your concerns to a Bank specialist. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.  ~Tom