Will USAA checking return to making photocopies of checks cashed part of the statement? They stopped doing this in Feb and tax time is coming

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Good morning @ArmyMajor, I hope your day is going well. As of right now there have been no updates to providing photo copies of checks as part of the statement. However, you are able to obtain these details for the past 18 months on USAA.com or via the mobile app by following the steps below.


Login to USAA.com or mobile app.

  • Select the account < Locate the desired check/deposit transaction < Select the Check Image icon.

Note: An advance search using usaa.com does provide an image of the checks paid/deposit item.


Please let us know if you have any other questions, thank you. -Emily 

If that was the case, it wouldn't be an issue .

However, I can only look back three months of transactions before they fall off .

is there a way to check 18 months that I am not aware ?

Yes, on USAA.com select the account in question. Go to 'search' then under description type 'check' enter the from and to dates and select 'search'. This gives you the check images between the dates chosen. -Emily

Very helpful,, thank you.


I didn't know this,, not sure why, but problem solved.


Thank you USAA,,