Why would you separate scheduled transactions?

The whole purpose of having scheduled transactions is to budget your money.  Now I have to flip back and forth to see if one of the transactions I scheduled posted then back to see how that changed the balance and then back again.  The complete an utter failure it usability is astounding.  Why don't you build out separate tabs for withdrawals and deposits too?  This makes no sense why it would be done other than maybe some C level with no clue trying to impress said "OH this would look so much neater if we made tabs".


Having the transactions separated makes this unusable for me.  I loved this feature and now it's completely broken.  I'm actively looking to see what other banks are out there that have this feature done right.


Did anyone else noticed the feedback tab on the side disappeared as this rolled out?  Nice to know they don't want to hear from us.

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It's terrible...looks like the army designed it...I left the army so I don't have this bs...
Leaving usaa now- anyone know a bank that will help me manage schedulepd transactions and update my balance automatically like usaa used to?

100 percent agree this this! I wish there was a way we could campaign to get the old look back, especially the scheduled transactions because that was my favorite feature and sadly I'm not aware of any other banks that do it.  I hate the new design, it's more confusing and not as aesthetically pleasing as the old one! I also hate how they have changed making the USAA credit card payments. It looks more confusing than the way they had it before. 

Thank you for your feedback.  We do review and take feedback seriously from members. We use this as a guide point whenever future changes may happen.   I have escalated and submitted your feedback and appreciate you taking time to voice your experience and concerns.  ~JD

Agree 100%.

@N13Design, We value your membership and we certainty wouldn't want to see you leave. You can rest assured that we're taking your feedback seriously and I will forward your comments with the appropriate department. Thank you for providing your feedback. Tricia

Are you guys taking our feedback seriously, because even with the change before this people have complained and we still don't have the old interface back which was so much better before. I will try and cope with the new changes as much as possible, but please please please please please don't separate the scheduled transactions like the person said above. I 100 percent agree it defeats the purpose of having the scheduled transactions if you can't see your current balance and how the scheduled transactions would change the balance so you can budget accordingly. We need this all in one place to view.  This also was one of my favorite features that USAA online banking had that no one else did and I hate that it is no longer useful to have. Come on USAA, if it aint broke, don't fix it! And the online banking we had before most definitely was not broke!