This more for feedback, but I'm finding very little reason to stay with USAA. I've been a customer for 8 years, and it was a great choice back then. Customer service is still wonderful. But sadly, you've failed to keep up with the competition. For example, your highest available interest rate on a savings account is a meager .15%. Whereas Ally and American Express are both at 1.9%. That's almost the same as some of your CD rates. The cash rewards program is also lagging. 10 cents on every purchase? M1 Finance and Discover have 1% cashback on all purchases. You're a national Bank with members across the world and with only one physical location. I'm quite frankly disappointed with the lack of innovation and desire to keep up and any possible squandering of resources. I expected more when I joined.


@Mateo9, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us regarding the rates we offer on our savings accounts as well as the rewards programs offered for our credit card accounts. We strive to have the best products and services for our members and regret to hear about your disappointment. Feedback from our members is important to us and I will be sure to forward your concerns to our leadership team in efforts to improve our products and services. Thank you. - Rhonda 

If it was important, change would happen. USAA thinks they can just say they care and show no actual change and that members can’t see right through it. Sad that it’s this way. Problem is that not enough will care and move on so USAA has no incentive to change anything unless they lose enough members....