So I logged into Charles Schwab today, still disgruntled about losing my ability to view and manage all my accounts from one website/app like I had before. It is nice over there, once they get all the information imported I can see how it will be a much better home for investing, especially if you like to trade frequently. Good job USAA, great value!


Now here is where I fall off the wagon, did you know Charles Schwab offers interest-bearing no-fee checking? Savings accounts with the same rate as USAA? But USAA offers no fee ATM use...oh wait! So does Charles Schwab. Why wouldn't I just move over all my banking, see all my accounts on one site again, and retain all the things I loved about banking with USAA but at Charles Schwab? I don't see a reason not to, they obviously are a quality outfit otherwise USAA wouldn't have sold our investments (i.e. future financial wellbeing) to them right? Hmm...


USAA has come a long way from where it started if it thought selling out its members to a competitor was good for it or its members.


@jmcdonald, Thanks for reaching out. I am glad to hear that you are happy with the transition. We definitely would never want to see you leave USAA banking. I am forwarding your feedback and concerns now. Thank you again for this information, we always want to be improving. Take care and stay safe  ~Tom

Best part of the Schwab checking account is that there are no foreign transaction fee with the debit card. USAA charges 1% and NFCU $1. So many people do not know USAA charges foreign transaction fee at the ATM, because the charge is rolled into the withdrawl.