me too I think they are the best/ I live usaa
also I had a similar problem (funeral) and I was not able to pay my insurance on time. They made a special arrangement/I did not have to pay on date due and no cancellation. This gave me the opportunity to handle my brother's funeral expenses. And even when they cannot do anything for me they are still the best. They are very polite and some even give you a listening ear on your problems(it helps to talk to some one that will listen). thank you usaa your the best.
Checks I deposit are available immediately. You must have credit issues.

So sorry to hear of your loss and I hate that happened to you.


A good rule of thumb is where ever you are stationed ALWAYS open up a local bank account to cash checks.  That way you eliminate having to transfer money all over creation.

So sorry for your loss. Because this is an account specific question we are not able to answer your question here in our military spouse community. Please give our member services representatives a call at 1-800-531-8722, or via the contact us link on