Why is it that I deposited a check for 970$ for my fathers funeral that is on January 10 and just found out that i wont be able to use any of that money until January 14...so thank you usaa for making me miss my fathers funeral....very wrong of you to take that away from my family


Welcome to our life. Every check we deposit is held for 10 days.

Consider using a credit card next for such important things as these. There should always be a contingency plan.
When I deposit a check its usually available right away. I guess if you had previous bad deposits that's probably why they held it for a few days.
You should also consider a local bank. Most if them just require for you to have a minimum balance between $5-$20. You that bank for cashing checks only without a fee and wait time.
I am having a huge issue with this as well. Every paycheck gets held as my job doesn't offer direct deposot. I have a non usaa bank that i deposited my check into and transferred the money to my usaa account and they put that on hold too, even though the check had cleared with my other bank. Won't be using usaa anymore, that's for sure.
If from another state they hold ten days or a new member .i got this for seven months or so but after that no neg account or bad checks this is relaxed , sorry for your loss the one guy is right a credit card would have been handy ! The banks just trying to protect their investments from fraud can't blame them it's a great bank
I am so sorry you had to experience that! Credit Cards are great to have if used correctly. They can be a nightmare if not. We have never had an issue with USAA; checks deposited are available for immediate withdrawal. With other banks, when cashing a personal check over a certain amount, you can only withdraw a certain percentage on day 1, then day 3, etcetera. That's just how it works.

I'm sorry to hear that happen to you. I have never had that experience, but I've been an USAA member for years and I think the policy changes over time. Something similar happened to my son where he had to wait a certain amount of time before he could use a cashed check. He called and was given specific information on when that changes and I believe his deposits are immediate now. It is worth calling and finding out how the policy works. It may also have something to do with having direct deposit, but I'm not sure.

I love usaa