Why is USAA double dipping my homeowners insurance premium?

Last month, USAA started taking my homeowners insurance out of my checking account.  Which is weird because they got a full year's payment five months' ago from my Escrow account (I checked with my mortgage company and they verified they sent the payment).  I've tried contacting them, but to no avail.  Their support email insists I talk about flood insurance (?) in order to contact anyone at USAA.  I'd prefer not to talk on the phone (I'm selectively mute) and I am not near a computer when the chat is operational.  So how do I get ahold of USAA?  

This isn't right.


@columbusbuck, I apologize for the inconvenience. In order for us to access your account to review the billing details together, we'll need to review with you via chat or phone. I can place a note on your account referring to our conversation here so that we can help take care of things as quickly as possible when you're able to reach us. ~Marie

There is a simple explanation for this. They have to do this in order to pay the USAA CEO his obscene $5 million/year salary.  Have you noticed how uncompetitive USAA's insurance rates are?  I would leave USAA ASAP.