WHY when I deposit a check does this bank hold our money randomly for 8 days when the check clears to you in 2-3 days?? That's b.s. and I now am ready to listen to everyone that has told to use a credit union. There isn't one reason u could give me for this holding money randomly for 8 days I don't know any other bank that does that. Thank you for making my mind up for me usaa!!!!!


cav scout 19D, I understand you have concerns regarding the hold placed on your account. Please be advised, funds deposited using the Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile services aren't subject to the availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board regulations. We must confirm the funds are available from the other account before they can be placed into your account.

For more information on availability of funds, refer to the Remote Capture User Agreement, paragraph 8. You can find the agreement by using keywords "Remote Capture User Agreement" in the search field and selecting the "USAA Letterhead" PDF link. Additionally, to prevent any inconvenience, our mobile app displays a notification if any funds will be subject to holds, prior to you authorizing the deposit. I hope this information helps clarify bank deposit processes. Thank  you. - Rhonda

I have never had a deposit held until today. If check 21 has checks clearing in 24-48 hours there is zero reason for it to be held for a week. Further.. since there are NO USAA branches in the NYC area (and no West Point is not an option since it's 90 mins from my home) we need to make deposits electronically . Why have this option if you are going to hold our money for a week? Total nonsense ..

Please give me a real world answer that people will say "oh that makes sense@

Ccap39, I understand your concern regarding deposit holds.  Holds are not only placed to prevent loss/fraud, but also if an account has had recent negative history, such as overdrawing the account, returned deposits or NSF resulting in returned payments, which can cause holds on certain deposits. Deposit holds are a standard practice with all banks.
Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit.  Thus, after you scan or image the check and enter the amount to be deposited, there will be note that states “Select "Next" to see how much of your deposit will be available right away.”


Once you click the “Next” button, a pop-up will appear advising if funds will be available or what will be on hold. You will be given the option to "Deposit" or "Cancel."

This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. - Ben