Why did the scheduled transactions go away???

I'm all for forward progress through system upgrades, but USAA has not done this latest one well. I depended on the scheduled transactions function heavily. It helped me keep the money in my account organized and accounted for. If I didn't want to forget about an upcoming transaction all I had to do was pop it in as a scheduled transaction and when it came through I would match it. The web app deducted that scheduled amount from my running balance which really helped me manage my money. It was an excellent feature. It was the reason that USAA has been my primary bank. Then...BAM!!! One day an upgrade. All my scheduled transactions disappeared and customer service said "I'm so sorry, there is nothing that can be done, you must manually recreate them." This and the matching feature is gone and the running balance now is very confusing.


Why would you change the app so radically? I don't understand this. That, and your customer service has gone downhill. I'm very unhappy.

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@David Smith, We appreciate you providing your feedback about the changes to the budgeting view and function. The Scheduled Transaction option exists on a new tab. You are correct in that you do have to manually remove the reminder once the transaction has cleared. You should see running balances adjust both when the transactions posts and when you delete the reminder for that occurrence. I will be sure to forward your feedback as it is valuable for us to capture for future upgrades. I regret that this has been a cause of concern. Thank you. ~Suzy