Why did my money market account get transferred to Schwab without me knowing????

Why was I never informed that my money market account with USAA was being transferred to Charles Schwab without being notified.  Over $10k was moved without telling me how to have access to my account.  This is a huge failure with me in regards to USAA...I don't at this moment know how to gain access to my money...


Hello @Ugh Jpo, I am very sorry to hear you were not aware of this transfer. We did advise our members of this. Beginning at 3:00 p.m. CT on Friday May 22, 2020, brokerage and UMP accounts werel no longer visible on usaa.com. Members will see a message on the “My Accounts” page directing them to the transition hub at usaa.com/transitionhub. On the transition hub, members will be able to view their account type, account number and access account history.  The transition hub also contains important information on the transition and FAQs.
Visibility of accounts held with Victory Capital (mutual fund, 529 and 403b) will not be impacted.  Members will continue to access these accounts through usaa.com until the Victory Capital technology conversion later this year.


I have forwarded your feedback regarding this. -Colleen