Why can't we do a product change on credit cards?

I got a USAA student card when I started college 7 years ago. Eventually it was automatically converted to a rewards card. At this point the rewards card isn't very beneficial to me. I would prefer to switch to the cash back card, but USAA doesn't allow product changes between their credit cards. I've seen plenty of other banks allow changes between rewards programs, so I don't understand why USAA can't do the same. Also, since I never actually chose the rewards card, but was placed in it automatically, I don'tunderstand why USAA won't let me move to a card that I would actually prefer and would be more useful. This seems like a simple request that would go a long way in improving the customer banking experience.

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Hello @rcpedroso. I understand your concerns with not being able to switch the type of reward card you have. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this to a subject matter expert for review. If you would like to have a different type of reward card, you can always  apply online for the type that works best for you. -Colleen

@USAA - I agree that USAA makes it difficult to manage accounts at USAA.   I just had to call about my Citi Visa Costco card and was able to make changes over the phone, no problem at all.  I even got a follow up letter in less than five days from Citi Visa Costco confirming the changes to my card - how refreshing that it took one phone call and less than 15 minutes to accomplish this.  It would be great if USAA could go back to this kind of responsiveness.  And the Citi Visa Costco card has so much more to offer than the USAA Visa card....     

NSueZ - We appreciate the feedback. Your comments have been shared with the appropriate teams, We rely on member feedback to improve our products and services. - Jason