I wanted to move back to USAA. Where is the benefit/incentive in moving back?


My Current Credit Card - 10.99% Fixed Rate

My USAA Credit Card - 12.9% Variable Rate with a 3% transfer fee


My current Auto Loan - 3.5%

USAA Auto Loan I applied for about 7 weeks ago - Approx. 4.5-4.9%


@MH53J, We definitely want you to come back so you can have the world class customer service we are famous for!


Now in respect to our credit cards, we do have the Rate Advantage Card that is a no frills card with our lowest rates. However, if you are one who likes to pay your card off every month, please look into our Rewards and Cash Back cards under Products online. Also, continue to check the My Offers spot online, you will see 0% transfer fees sometimes. (you can find that online by clicking on your name)


I would also recommend reaching out to our loan dept to see what they may have to offer since it has been a little while.


Please explore our Products tab and our Advice tab online to see all we have to offer. Take care and stay safe. ~Tom



I wouldn't go that far with the customer service. I requested a form in February to add someone to my checking account and I never received it. After a few weeks I got ticked off and closed the account. Tried it again with a new checking account the other day. Said she would load the form and asked if I wanted a paper copy mailed to me as well, I said yes. Still haven't gotten the digital copy and we'll see if i get the form in the mail.  


I do have the "low interest rate" credit card. Of course I can't get a lower rate without applying for a whole new card and there are no gaurantees I would get a lower rate or the same limit. If I do get a lower rate I could wait 6 months or longer to get the limit I currently have by requesting increases every six months. It's a crapshoot and it all hits my credit reports with no gaurantees.

And I forgot to add, I haven't received a special offer from USAA in years, so I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Thanks for the follow up questions, @MH53J. First, if you're expecting a document from us that requires a signature, you should be able to access that form from your Online Documents. To access it, simply go to My Tools and select View Documents. From there, you can locate the form, digitally sign it and upload it back to us. With regards to the credit card, we don't offer the option to lower the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as the lowest rate possible is automatically provided, based on your credit at the time of application. Lastly, if you're not receiving any offers from us, you may want to check your marketing preferences. If you've opted out of those, we wouldn't be able to provide any type of promotions or offers to you. You can check on your preferences by clicking your name, then selecting My Profile & Preferences. From there, click on Marketing and make any necessary adjustments needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. We're here 24/7 to help, as needed. - Cathleen

There are no documents in my document folder. I could not find the form in the list of forms either. I'm not sure why I cannot add my mom as a second account holder. The list shows my ex-wife, which has a check box next to it, and my mom, whose name is grayed out with no check box. I have tried to go in and re-add her through my profile but it does nothing. The customer service rep tried the other day and could not fix it either. That is why she was supposed to upload the form for me to print out along mailing me a form. Why doesn't someone just email the form? 


That's the problem with the USAA credit cards, it takes a snap shot of that current time. If a score goes up the next month then you have to apply for an entirely new card. I have never seen or heard of another bank doing this. It's like USAA is trying to stick you with a higher interest rate because people are less likley to keep applying for credit cards to get a lower rate and then the limit drops and you have to start all over again trying to build the credit line back up.  


I checked the marketing options and they were turned off. 

@MH53J, we are sorry to hear of this experiencing you are having while trying to add your mother as an account holder. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

World class customer service?  You have to be joking.  USAA is not the company they once were.