Here is my question: I had a foundation leak in my basement. I paid for 2 French drains to be put in, but not before my Berber rug was destroyed, my walls, all the wood, need I go on? This has set me back thousands of dollars, not to mention living with MOLD! USAA tells me...sorry, we don't cover it...32 years and I've never made a claim! I'm living with a basement that is blown up with MOLD! Thank you USAA! Great job! Can't have my grand kids over, but keep on! Single, one paycheck...honestly...I'm disgusted. I have to get a second job to just get a floor. Oh.and I live next to the Naval Academy! Going on 3 years like this! What do I do??? Nothing???


You tried to claim this on your homeowner's policy? Sounds more like it should be claimed on your flood insurance.



I am sorry to hear about the damage to your home. I have sent your comments over to our claims department for review. Someone will be in contact with you directly. Thank you.