I would like to know who chose Quicken as the only software being semi supported by USAA.  If the concern was data security then it is obviously the wrong choice since Quicken requires all personal data to be owned by Quicken, housed on Quicken cloud servers, and the ability to seize & lock users out of personal data is determined by Quicken.


I have used MoneyDance with USAA flawlessly for years, now it will not work and your only solution is to tell me to change to Quicken? I have no problem with USAA choosing Coke versus Pepsi for the vending machines in their buildings,  that does not negatively affect me or forces me into a single choice against my will. This forced change does harm me directly and needs to be reconsidered immediatly.


Also, doing this with NO warning on payday is unacceptable and poorly planned.


@Pegasus9, Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I regret the amount of frustration this has caused and I know how important this is. I have your info here and I am first going to forward your feedback and then forward your concerns to the appropriate area for review. Thank you again ~Tom

Is this for REAL?!!

Is USAA now dictating that EVERY SINGLE BANKING customer only use Quicken?! Are you handing it out for FREE with this decision?

How is it that I only know this through this community and NOT from USAA. Where are the communications? Where the multiple emails telling us this was going to happen? Letting us know when? Letting us know how to handle it? 


I'm beyond upset about this USAA. THis is a MAJOR failure on your part. MAJOR FAILURE. You're lack of customer service is NOTED. Obviously the customers are just that - something to throw away - because that's how you are acting. 

Another disappointed MoneyDance user here. I switched to MoneyDance after Quicken switched to a subscription-only model. I will not go back. I'll manually import transactions if I have to, but I'm very disappointed in this decision by USAA.

I too am very unhappy with this decision. It must be corrected very soon or I will have to look elsewhere for my banking needs.

I completely agree, the wait times are pathetic, the customer service is now lack luster and the rates are skyrocketing. Waiting on the phone for 40 minutes without a call back option is negligent on so many levels for a multi-billion dollar company. They have become less than stellar and my guess it's all about profits. Whomever these mid level managers or supervisor are, must be identifed and held accountable for this debacle. Totally UNACCEPTABLE 


Getting a manager on the phone is ridiculous as was this roll out of this new security update. 

So I have found that you can create an accessID and PIN by going to here, https://df3cx-services.1fsapi.com/casm/usaa/enroll and I have seen reports that indicate the new URL to use is here, https://df3cx-services.1fsapi.com/casm/usaa/access.ofx.  But so far I have not gotten them to work correctly but I do have an accessID and PIN so progress.

They switched from ofx to qfx which is quickens proprietary version of the open ofx. So non quicken applications are being blocked. I will be moving to a bank that supports me and not one that dictates what software I can use.

Well folks, what do you think?  Are they getting the message yet?  It's now been nine days, or more, and very little is being said.