I am sharing my experience in the hope that this trauma of the past few days helps someone else or hopefully help change how USAA treat customers.

We were informed through mail, without any prior warning, that our accounts will be closed. The decision is apparently permanent and cannot be revoked.

My situation was nothing that a call or request for supporting information would not have clarified. In simply terms, I purchased, during the past year and half, high dollar items on my credit cards. I was in the process of renovating my home that was damaged by Hurricane Maria, and rebuilding a business that was also damaged by Hurricane Maria.

We made a lot of the material purchases with credit card simply to obtain points. The contractor would reimburse the material cost on my credit card with a check which I deposited into USAA and then paid off my credit card. All of these activities is clearly visible if any person review the account as the credit card payments would be made immediately after the check was deposited.

I know now that USAA can exercise it’s rights to close and terminate business with anyone. Although I still have not read it, I am told I should have read the 74 page disclosure... I take responsibility for not reading and making sure I understand the terms... but let’s be honest, who ever read these things?

But, as a company, USAA states its mission is to serve military personnel. Shouldn’t USAA be more than the other financial institutions that only care about financial profits?

My husband is currently deployed, his third, deployment. He served faithfully and was not a party to my misjudgment of using my credit card to make the purchase but his (All) his accounts were terminated... because of me.. someone who served and earned their benefit.

I am not questioning that USAA had concerns, but as customers, don’t we deserve a courtesy of getting an opportunity to clarify any concerns?

If a soldier is deployed should not USAA at least try to go just a little extra to make sure the decisions they are making are not negatively adding to the whole situation of deployment?

How is this acceptable that without an opportunity, a phone call, a discussion of what a customer might be doing wrong, that the banks can just terminate you? How is USAA, whose motto is to serve military personnel can be business as usual, as every other institution, and still uphold that motto?

Fifteen years with USAA and no opportunity to inform a deployed soldier or his wife of their concerns so that at least the customer can understand what they doing wrong. How is this not setting customers up to fail if they are given the opportunity to correct? How can a customer correct a mistake they are making without knowing they are even making the mistake? How is this fair?



We have received your message and will forward to the appropriate area for review. Thank you ~ Lori C

I am just the spouse - I never served in the military and my account was the one from which the mistakes were made.  So, how can USAA be serving the military if their efforts are not to protect those serving.


No wonder soldiers return with all time of issues because having to now deal with something to which you are innocent of, without even so much as an opportunity to explain is just disheartening....Who is USAA Serving?