I have been with USAA for more than 25 years. It used to be a wonderful company, now its just like any other.

Because of Covid 19 i have had to use my saving account to supplement my income and help family members out.

USAA charged me fees for excessive use of my savings, $10.00 each transaction.

I called to get the fees waived and they would only waive four. Stating to me," you dont want your savings turned into a checking account".

Are you serious right now? Im worried about the health and safety of my family!

You are supposed to be helping us in a global pandemic not charging fees!


@DLM70, Thank you for reaching out and for your more than 25 years with us. Sorry to hear you have been impacted financially by COVID-19 and about those fees due to Federal Reg D. I am forwarding your feedback and concerns to the appropriate area now. Please take care and thank you again for your membership. ~Tom

This has been my experience as of late with USAA.  I think over the last decade there has been a turnover in senior management and corporate types (who I've worked with for 30 years) came in with their "Best Practices" and have tried to grow and implement policy changes that are reflective of your average large corporation.  It does not have the feel of the USAA that many older members once loved, really ashame as at one time USAA could have taught American corporations a lot about customer service and showing you care by bending rules at the right times. 

Markimark - We never want any member to feel like this, Is there something specific I can research for you?  Thanks, Jason