Where did they move the tool to figure out my stock Gain/Loss for the year?




We appreciate your question here in the Community. We would like to put you in touch with an investment specialist who can take a closer look at this situation and offer you assistance. If you would, please message us here: http://bit.ly/U7b7Jj. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time! – Tara

I would really like to know what happened here as well.  Prior to the beginning of last week the Estimate Gain/Loss was present, but after these recent USAA website updates it is now always showing up as N/A.

the link does not work

Busted Flush,

It didn't work for me either, but oddly it worked the other day. I'll pass that along and see what we can do to fix that. 

In the meantime, please email your member information and question to socialmedia@usaa.com. 


It's been a month since Crooks replied to the Community with a surprising unawareness of what some might consider the whole

point of the game, the points, the score, the gain/loss statement. Has anyone figured out how to access it yet? There doesn't seem to be much communing going on.

Blues Boy,

As a community manager I do not have access to your accounts or member information. I am also not an expert in this field. I am a community moderator. Therefore, I full admit that I am unaware of how to solve your concern that was stated. As I replied above, please email your member information, question/concern, and any additional details to socialmedia@usaa.com in order to connect you to a member services representative in this department that can handle your specific concern. 

Thank you.