Our money should have been in our Account yesterday and it is still not there now. USAA is no better than Bank of America at this point. Holding our money and drawing interest on it is not acceptable.


How long have you had USAA?

Browncat, I understand you were anticipating a direct deposit to your account. Direct deposits post to the accounts upon receipt with the exception of weekends and holidays. Since the direct deposit hasn't posted to your account this means it has not been received at USAA. It would be best to contact your payroll team to see if there were any problems that occurred with their disbursement. Your payroll team will be able to send a tracer on the deposit to ensure there weren't any problems with the deposit and if needed can make any corrections needed to make sure the deposit is received at USAA. -Marisa

Day0613 we have been members for 7 or 8 years