Where have all the top tier management folks from the past gone to?

I hate to start with this, but I have been a loyal member since 1966 or 1967 until the present and have stayed with USAA over the years through thick or thin. This gives me/us an excellent base to compare the "then & now" level of customer service rendered and how managers used to be totally hands-on and involved in doing their job to provide appropriate employee scheduling and managing to ensure that customers received A-1+++ Customer Service from the hourly employees.  I am submitting the following because I think that upper USAA management might need to review how a Member now can hardly get to speak to any level of managers on the phone or in person because you get pushback or they are not available and "will call or get back to you later" at their convenience.  I would be surprised if this Post makes it to upper management to review for positive and necessary changes.  


The following is one example of a lost opportunity to provide excellent customer service currently taking place:  I live in the neighborhood of the Main USAA Office and Bank in San Antonio, TX.  I needed to make a deposit to my checking account (which I normally have direct deposit on other checks) and also obtain smaller cash denominations for some larger bills of money. I arrived at the bank drive-thru lot at 11:30am and got into an already lengthy line and already anticipated a wait, but not to the level I experienced on 08/02/2021. There are suppose to be 10 lines for drive-thru transactions, but USAA changed 4 lines for ATM transactions only and the other 6 lines for Banking transactions. The lines moved at a snail pace and people trapped in the middle lines (where I was) were trying to back out of lines hazardly between the other cars in front and back of them in line and parking line cones. A vehicle almost backed into my right front fender/bumper corner the their left rear bumper/quarterpanel. I honked several times and their passenger got out to direct the driver out with their backing so they could exit a futile situation and left cones in disarray.  There was no USAA guard onsite nor would it have helped.  I realized that someone could have a medical health event while waiting in their vehicle and no one would be aware or be able to reach them to get them quick assistance.  I tried calling USAA's telephone # to inquire on delay and the phone recording stated that phone wait for a person
would be approximately 30 minutes.  The whole thing was unadulterated torture!


It was finally 1 pm before I reached and rolled to the teller machine and then another 30 minutes before  the teller handled my transaction. IT TOOK 2 WHOLE HOURS TO PROCESS MY TRANSACTIONS! The teller did not even apologize for the delay or wait. I inquired as to how many other tellers were made available/scheduled by management to handle the drive-in banking traffic?  She looked around to check and stated that there were a total of 5 tellers working the lines (for 6 Banking and 4 ATM windows=10 lines!).


This is unexceptable since USAA totally closed the Bank Lobby last year due to covid, but has not allowed for increase of drive-thru tellers for normal or high-level drive-in traffic times + additional Bank Lobby overflow + any possible added new customer traffic since 2020. When I finally exited the drive-thru lot, the lines of vehicles trying to gain access into the drive-thru lot were lined up out into IH10 access (McDermott) road in front of the Bank Lobby entrace area, causing somewhat of traffic hazard. (I wondered how those poor souls were going to get to eat while on their lunch break & not exhaust all their gas while waiting for hours to get to the teller machine?)  


Why is USAA sacrificing quality customer service by trying to do more with less and where are the bank teller managers who should be  handling peak hours appropriately while all this is going on?  I am not sure if this same situation is occurring at your other regional USAA Bank drive-thru locations, but I am keeping an eye out on other local bank drive-thru traffic on their lots to test who might be able to render more efficient and faster customer service.      

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USAA has been advertising on TV extensibly over the past year.  Perhaps the money spent on advertising has been taken from the tellers and representatives wages who actually work with us customers.  As others have said, I don't think any money has been taken from the upper management accounts.  I also agree that there must be a major disconnect between them and the customers.  I am amazed at how quickly the quality of service fell after years of superb operation.  I will miss what use to be outstanding service as I move to other providers.

Your comment is perfect.

Good evening Protron. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I have forwarded this for further review. -Colleen

Gone with wind. Other locations--you must be kidding?

I'm a relative youngster, being a member since only around 1983 or 1984, but I too remember when USAA was unparalleled in the insurance and financial services world. Unlike you, once USAA became irretrievably "thin" they lost my loyalty, and my wife and I closed all but a few bank accounts. Your question- where have all the top tier management folks from the past gone- I think can be explained by fairly predictable corpoarate corruption. From what I can tell, USAA no longer exists to serve its members but rather a bureaucratic oligarchy, and senior management has surrouded itself with sycophants whose raison d'être is to protect and insulate them from members and lick their boots. We see this happening throughout the corporate world, but it was never supposed to happen to USAA, but sadly it did.

Sad----What caused USAA to fail and totally disregard it's mambers? Sad!



First, I would like to thank you for your USAA membership since 1966. Your input is very valuable to us. I am sorry for the delays you have experienced in the drive-thru lines as well as when calling us. We will definitely review your feedback further and log your concerns. Thank you for reaching out and helping us improve. - Jesse