Effective November 15, CreditCheck and CreditCheck & ID Monitor will no longer be serviced through USAA, and all accounts will transition over to Experian to be serviced through them moving forward. USAA Bank has been working with Experian to offer credit check monitoring services to USAA members since 2007.


What does this mean for me?

Your account will automatically transition and continue to be serviced by Experian.


You will keep your current credit monitoring and alerts and will gain access to additional features like Experian Boost™, a free tool designed to help with building credit.


No action is required on your part at this time. We do ask that you ensure your contact information is up to date so you can receive important emails regarding your account. We will send more information next month regarding your plan and transition.


How do I find my Credit Score?

You can view your credit score directly through (your credit score will no longer display on “My Account” page on


Where can I get a copy of my credit report?

You can visit to request a copy of your credit report


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GREETINGS! I udnerstand that on the 15th you will no longer offer credit scores. It is the 5th now. How can I get my credit score?

@CREDITED, thank you for reaching out. You can visit to request a copy of your credit report which will include the credit score. ~DC 

First tried getting on Experian website & I thought I recalled I had to do nothing to switch over. I signed in & then it asked me for all of my info. Then it showed my info asked for credit report & then I thought sure why not? Came back stating I already had an account. I tried again & same thing. I tried even to out smart it by forgot password, new password but all same conclusion that I already had an account. What’s up w/that? Sorry to say but I’ve spent @ least 1/2 hr on Experian’s cyclical but got so dizzy I desperately came back to USAA APP in hope the link was still there/anywhere but no such luck. I see the FICO score w/the VISA statement but doesn’t show last one. I’ve tried to go through email of Experian’s & it says to create an account. GO FIGURE

@Todd Robinson, I am sorry it was a struggle for you to make it through the transition from Credit Monitoring with USAA to Experian. The email that instructs you to create an account should have worked. I am hoping it did for you. I will be sure to share your feedback to the appropriate area for review. If you are still in need of assistance getting moved over, you can contact Experian @ 1-866-751-1320. Thank you . ~Suzy

So USAA has stopped providing credit monitroing services directly to it's members and I now have an account directly with experian.  That's fine, I guess, although I liked trusting USAA to have all financial tools in one place.  My question is this: Experian's website makes no mention of me as a USAA member.  How long will their credit monitoring service be covered?  If a free service from USAA (and a nice benefit to membership!) then what can we expect going forward now that USAA has stepped away?  I ask becuase Experian makes no mention of payments due now and no mention of an experation date either (althrough they are clearly trying to sell "upgrades"), but I'm just worried that the free service will no longer be free simply becuase USAA decided to walk away from providing this valuable member service.  Will the Experian "base level" of membership continue to be free for USAA members?

Hi there.  Members will receive the same service with some minor changes in benefits such as Experian Boost, which is available in both free and paid versions, and CreditLock, which is available in a paid version.  This feature was always thru Experian, we only offered the option to view thru our site. USAA will no longer offer these credit monitoring services. They will now be offered exclusively through Experian so members can benefit from their credit monitoring expertise.  We will certainly pass along your feedback regarding this change, 

How do I cancel my membership. I am still getting bill.

When I call the 800#, it cannot find me or my wife.

Thank you

Hi @GO Wolfpack! Thank you for reaching out. Just to confirm, is this the membership for the CreditCheck or CreditCheck & ID Monitor service? If so, you can reach out to Experian directly at 866-751-1320. Let the representative know you've been billed for the monitoring service previously with USAA, and you would like to cancel. They'll be able to assist from there. I hope this helps! ~Holland