We got hit really hard by the hurricane in fort Polk, no power and no cell service no food and it’s terrible.. I slept in my car for the 5 days I drove into a pothole and damaged my car tie rods bent and shocks leaking I thought it was fine I drove it to Austin Texas and now the car is undriveable .. I’m stuck here and I spent most of my money on supplies and don’t tell me get money from the army it’s will take forever. I’m just looking for suggestions like bank offer good loans for emergencies, my car cost around $1200 to be fixed


@Zach9383, I am very sorry to hear of the impact you have experienced. My first recommendation would be go thru the Army Emergency Relief process. They may help quicker than you think in situations like in-climate weather. We do offer Consumer loans that you can apply for on usaa.com>products tab. I do hope you get the assistance you need. Thank you. ~ Suzy