I am in a precarious situation.  I receive benefits from my late spouse totaling just under 2800.00; my only source of income from June 2019 through June 2020.  I used my savings to supplement my income in order to pay my bills.  I made too much to qualify for ANY Goverment assistance and when I finally became employed, my debt to income ratio was too high.  I only qualified for quick payday loans or high interest personal loans.  Now, I;m really in a bind because no institution will touch me although I paid all my bills on time.  I can't get out from under this debt with some assistance.. But who's going to help me.  I no longer have any savings or retirement income to fall back on but these payday lenders are quick to give me money.  Any advice?


Hi @ESSBEE,  I can certainly understand your frustration with debt and trying to pay it off.  We never want our members to feel as if there isn't any hope to get out of debt. For our loans, USAA does consider each loan application on a "case-by-case" basis, and considers the "360" view of your entire credit and account profiles when rendering a loan decision. We consider several factors such as both your USAA and credit profiles, including your debt to income ratio, banking account management, credit score, and history with USAA. 


Please understand that a loan application will ultimately need to be submitted in order to determine if USAA can offer financing and at what specific terms. 


During this time, we offer some debt plans on our website that can help make a plan to pay off some debt.  Please click on these links to review at your convenience: Take charge of Debt , Debt- Budget PlanningHow to get debt paid off


We hope these links provide helpful information.