This update, is unaacceptable I am now so frustrated with the inability to forecast anything! I am normally a big proponent of upgrades and new changes. However, I am not a fan of losing essential functions. Unacceptable. I will have to consider switching banks if the feature is not returned soon. I do not want to have to keep track on my own in an Excel.


Anyone know of some banks that have the old feature?


Makeing me anxious and would I would prefer not to change banks!



We certainly don't want you to consider leaving us, while we are in process of improving our features, some functions are still under construction.

The new Account Summary pages don't currently include a Scheduled Transactions section among other features. But, rest assured, these and other "missing" features are being developed and will launch as soon as they are available. We appreciate your membership and patience. ~ Lori C

This is driving us nuts!  This was one of the most important features of the "My Account" page!!!  I cannot understand why you would roll out a partially completed product.  The reply keeps saying you're working on it...WHEN is this expected to be fixed?



@Rick M 92, We do not have a specific time for that specific feature to be live on the new platform. We have forwarded your feedback about the impact to you and others so hopefully that will create a priority for the scheduled transaction function. Thank you. ~ Suzy 

I am so frustrated and annoyed with this.   USAA has done this before.   I have relied on the account management to keep track of my account balance.  I pay bills using USAA bill pay.   Most of my bills pay at the beginning of the month, but some are manual transactions when I write a check or have a one time deposit coming in planned.   Can't see any of it.  It was great spending a few hours of my weekend tracking down what I could remember.   Bad form USAA!   I have to say , that I thought about changing banks too.   




@ID10T error, we appreciate you taking your time to share with us the disappointment you're experiencing with not having that function. I will be sure to add your feedback to the others that have expressed disappointment in the rollout of the new platform. Thank you ~ Suzy

@USAA - is the timeline for the rollout on the same ype of schedule as the secured credit cards?   In other words, we could be waiting for a couple of years for anything to happen or it just may not really happen at all.

Oops - it's late - should be type, not ype. 

I read in one response below that he was told the forecasting feature was removed on purpose? Why would you do that? Can we revert back to the old app?

Thanks for reaching out, @JamieMarshall - Our money management tools are currently being updated. You may not currently have all the features, such as the scheduled transactions, however rest assured that they are being worked on. They will be added to the page as soon as they are ready. - Cathleen