I am just curious, when USAA announced the deals with Victory Capital and Schwab, we were told that it would make insurance and banking more competitive and give better perks to members. I understand that the deal with Schwab has not closed yet, but it has with Victory Capital and I really have not seen any difference in products to be honest. Interest rates and insurance rates are the same, too low on deposits, too high on loans and insurance. USAA needs to start banking human instead of being robotic, when I have an 830 FICO score and I get a 5.69% car loan rate, something is wrong there. We ended up going with a local credit union that gave us a 3.44% loan rate. This is just one of many areas that USAA is not competitive. 


The explanation given to me all the time is that the computer gives the rates and we can't do anything about it. Really, so USAA is being run by a bunch of algorithms now and not common sense? When you have someone with an excellent credit profile and you offer them a rate over 2% more, that makes sense? Honestly I don't want to talk to anyone because all that will be said is that we understand and nothing will be done. I just hope that USAA in the future stops with the excuses and actually does something. Stuart Parker is making quite a bit of money to sit in his office and in this member's opinion really do nothing of any benefit for the membership.


I totally agree with you! If you are an active duty member with good standing and an excellent FICO score you should get perks that no civilan can get. USAA does the same with credit cards, yeah, they currently have a credit card that is 0% for one year but what does the percentage go up to after that 13+% which is outragous. Capital One will give any service member a 4.0% interest rate as long as you can prove you are active. If you have a card already and they didn't know you are or were an active member they will give you all the money you have paid in late fees and or interest fees which is incredible. I thought USAA was for the families and service members but it seems as if the mighty dollar has ahold of them just like everyone else.

USAA has lost three of my car loans to competitors because of their uncompetetive auto loan rates.


I'd rather give USAA my business, but as evidenced by USAA's profit at all costs business model leads me wondering what is going here. USAA can run expensive movie theater ads, but can't come up with an interst rate that competes. 


It almost seems to me that the reason USAA is busy advertising is to offset the loss of 20+ year members that are leaving.

Where's the logic?

USAA left me years ago.  I'm in the process of returning the favor.  29 year USAA member, not a member for life.  

@guroose, we value your 29 year membership. Please let me know how I can be of assistance. Thank you. -Cynthia 

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@, we value your 29 year membership. Please let me know how I can be of assistance. Thank you. -Cynthia 

I do not believe this is true any longer.  We don't need more lip service.  There are too many people in "Social Service" and too many people in marketing and the value you provide to existing customers is zero.  I don't know who's bright idea it was to overcharge their customers to do these stupid things, but I have voted.  With my feet.   Good luck iun the future, but it will not include me and mine!   We're moving to a bank that actually cares.