Where Is Help When Needed?

I find it sad and truly disheartening that a company that has built their brand around military veterans and families would not stand behind their claims. I have been with USAA for several years and asked for a decrease in my interest rates for two of my credit cards. I was told that I would have to apply for another credit card. I’m upset because you claim to want to help us but you take every opportunity to rip us off. If I apply for a new card the following will happen: my credit score will be lowered because of a hard inquiry, most likely my interest rate may be 1-2% difference if lowered at all, and finally my debit to income ratio will increase because of a new credit line. Most people are struggling financially due to incredibly high rent, fuel, and food prices!!! USAA SHAME on you for not supporting Veterans and our families like you claim. Most of us have been loyal customers for years but you are unwilling to provide assistance when needed. Where is your LOYALTY???
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Interest rates are going up, not down.  Even with an 800+ credit rating and using less than  10% of my available credit, my cards are in the 18%+ range for the most part.





Sad, but all too true.   Honestly, I don’t even know what interest rate is on either of my USAA Visa cards.   That’s because I haven’t paid interest nor fees for years.   Every morning, over breakfast, I merely pay off whatever balance cleared the day before.   I didn’t like paying high interest rates, either.   So I dug in to make my cards zero out; paying that bill, that built up to often a substantial amount, caused emotional response and financial impacts.   Obviously, I pay whatever expenditures I generate, but the pain isn’t the same as having to write a check [back in the bad old days of pre-electronic payments].   Two additional benefits: 1.  the rewards generated when using my Visa to pay bills generate roughly $100 per month; bills I’d pay anyhow, but with no returned money otherwise; 2.  Buying through the shopping tool for larger purchases at whatever amount each company sets, usually 2% or so; that can add up on expensive electronics, tools, etc!    [note: that buying tool includes some really bad companies like Adorama in NYC that is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg; wen I contacted USAA trying to get Adorama dropped is when I found USAA uses a third party contractor…as usual…that refused to drop Adorama despite the city and state prosecutors investigating Adorama for fraud and outright theft.   USAA relies too heavily on these contractors that default or provide poor service: but that’s a separate issue.   And Adorama is a special issue to me only because they stole some of my used photo gear I sent to them to sell; and damaged most of what they did return.   Not relevant to anyone but me, but any member buying through USAA from Adorama is in danger of being ripped off.   Sorry for the rant.].   

I appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention @oldesoldier, I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. Thank you for your time today. -Emily

Noooo…..not another call “from the CEDO’s office!   Pleeese.   They last forever.

@ I_I, You're right about that. It's too bad that USAA isn't keeping with rates when it comes to paying interest to member savings, checking and CDs. They're saving a lot of money by not paying the higher rates to members. One of several reasons why I cut my ties with USAA after a 33+yrs financial/investment relationship. They're nowhere close to what others are paying.

USAA CSR: No need to escalate. That boat sailed years ago.
Another corporate response. No value added. Defer the complaint.
If you notice all of their responses are generic and most likely automated. I don’t want or need platitudes. What I want are legitimate solutions. It’s false advertising if you don’t do what you explicitly state as your purpose and goals. They are truly “supporting” military families. They are basically taking us to the cleaners!!! It’s all about top executives getting their pockets lined.

Thank you for reaching out to us in our Member Community @Carlina4eva, we would not want for you to feel that we do not support our members. I will be glad to forward your feedback about your feelings regarding lowering your rate. We appreciate you reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to respond. ~Suzy

Suzy, your response sounds rather generic. What truly would like to see is “great” customer service by properly addressing my concern with a SOLUTIONS!!! I specified what I as a loyal customer want and need. I want a better interest rates. My accounts are current and have been for years. I don’t contact your company on a regular basis to file frivolous complaints. So, why can’t you reward my loyalty and the rest of your customers by standing behind your claims to support military families. Times are tough out here and now is when USAA can truly put or shut up. Provide us with financial solutions that are reasonable and affordable.