As long as you owe Usaa they own you and your pay ... Usaa say there for military family but this is only if the scales are in there favor ... Try to move the scales in your favor and you will see Usaa do things like raise insurance, not work with your finance score or interest rates, it's like if you don't owe them your not helping build their company ... People help build company when they can grow too ... remember that




Would you be able to explain a little more about your situation? I would like to get someone in contact with you that may be able to help. Thank you.

I will say I noticed a difference when my credit score dropped my USAA car insurance went up.  I personally don't think one should have anything to do with the other.  Especially if I am paying by automatic draft, I felt a terrible injustice when my insurance went up.  Nevermind that I've been a loyal customer for over 15 years.  People have financial problems but still manage to keep up with the more important bills/payments.  It would be different if USAA offer a consolidation loan or line of credit based on direct deposit or paychecks and longevity with the company.  Sometimes people just need a little assistance in getting back on their feet when life throws you a major curve ball.

That's because it's not about families anymore. You see your misfortunes are USAA's profits. It is so stupid for a company to pull credit for insurance. Your credit with USAA should be good until you mess it up with them. Why punish some one for something that didn't even happen to that company. The answer is we are a NUMBER. No one cares that you fall sometimes that's just a opertunity to fill their pockets.

 A company recentaly analyzed more than 2 billion auto insurance price quotes from 700 different insurance companies accross America. They used 8 hypothetical drivers with different ages, circumstances etc. They found that people woth GOOD credit were paying up to $526 more on premiums compared to people with GREAT credit. Its looking like all insurance companys base prices off you your credit score.

In California it is illegal to use credit score when determining premiums for car insurance.