Hi there,
My husbands paycheck was supposed to be deposited yesterday and it still has not gone through today. We really need his paycheck so i was just curious as to whether we would get it today or if we wont get it til tomorrow. Thanks!!


The first is on tues. Even though it's Black Friday and Usaa should pay us because of the holiday. We most likely aren't getting paid until Monday the 30th. If Monday was the 1st then tomorrow the 27th we would be paid. Hopefully they took Black Friday into account though.

Military Pay will be posted on Monday 11/30. We are committed to operating in the best financial interest of our members and do not provide pay any earlier than one business day before the pay date to avoid leaving members without pay for an extended period of time in the next pay cycle. This is especially important for members working to budget their finances with a predictable pattern.


For no Military pay deposits: There was a delay in processing some direct deposits this morning. You should now see your direct deposit posted. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you.

So what is the truth about our military direct deposit?  I called and the USAA rep said they should be deposited by COB today Friday 11/27/2015 but you are saying it will be Monday 11/30/2015?

Dear Real Dirty Dog,

I apologize for the confusion, Military Pay will be posted on Monday 11/30. Thank you for commenting.

Thanks for having the worst pay dates out of any military financial institution. No paycheck for the biggest shopping day of the year? Thanks USAA