This is my first time my disability from the VA will post in my account. Anybody know when that should show up? Its for Tuesday the 1st.


You should see it the night prior too. If it falls on weekends it will be that Friday. If it's a holiday it will be day prior. Hope that helps.

Dear 101Sniper,

Thank you for posting. You will see your pay Monday 11/30.


Thank you

Va disability payments fall on the first every month.
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they will hold your check for at least 5 days probably longer.Count on that sorry

Hi esp1000,

If you are depositing a payroll check and your employer offers direct deposit, your USAA account accepts direct deposit from your payroll provider at no cost. Direct deposits coming from a payroll provider are not subject to holds as they are considered verified funds. If you are depositing a check or transferring funds from an external bank, you can utilize a wire transfer, which is also not subject to holds. USAA does not charge you for incoming wire transfers. Thank you!

I dont think so, esp1000. Its being direct deposited not a paper check being deposited so they have no reason to put it on hold. Besides, ive already been told it will be here tonight at midnight. Thanks anyways.