I made a purchase online. After making it I called and they told me they can't do anything cause the purchase is still pending. They said wait till it goes through then they can send it back. They sent the money back it shows in Usaa system but they are not posting to my account. I've had this issue before and was able to do a three way call and get a specific number that got me my money back right away. Can anyone give me advice on this I can't wait 5-10 days for this money to reach my account.


I had this issue as well last summer. However, the transaction was made on the weekened/friday so I had to wait til monday for the money to show back up. I just simply waited, and it wasn't that long at all. However, I know that you're probably impatient and want your money back imediately. I'd call USAA and ask if there is a way they can help you out more.