'When is my Visa chip card coming?' and other top questions

Since USAA has begun sending members Visa debit cards with the added security of chip technology, we’ve seen some questions come up from members about switching to the new cards. So, we invited Adrian Vasquez, USAA’s card experience director, to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.


  1. When am I getting my Visa debit chip card?

We plan to send Visa debit chip cards to all of our members through the end of the year. We understand how important it is to have chip cards when you are abroad. Members who are stationed abroad or have an international address should get their cards this fall, as long as their address is updated in their member profiles.


You can continue using your magnetic stripe card, without the chip, at merchants and retailers nationwide until you get your new card. Your magnetic stripe card is also protected by our 24/7 fraud monitoring and USAA’s Zero Liability Policy.


  1. I’m traveling abroad soon. Can I request my debit chip card sooner?

If you need a debit chip card before you receive notice that one is coming, you can request one on usaa.com or the USAA mobile app. Check out the instructions below.


  1. What if I lose my Visa debit card before activating it?

If you received your Visa debit card but lost it before activating the card, we can send you a new card with the following easy steps.


Order a replacement card

Log on to usaa.com or the USAA mobile app, choose the account associated with the card and select “Order a Replacement Card” in your account menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Choose the response, “I lost my card or it may have been stolen,” and follow the prompts.


Note: If you access this option from the help menu, you’ll need to select your Visa debit card if you already received it or the MasterCard debit card you need to convert. Typically, we’ll deliver your new card in five to seven business days. Keep in mind that delivery to international addresses can take longer.


  1. Will the switch to Visa change anything about my checking account or payments I’ve set up?

Although your card is changing, your account is staying the same. You can keep using your checking account as you normally do.


If you’ve given your debit card information to any merchant who bills you regularly or may have your card number on file, make sure you update your account information with each merchant. We’ll send you a list of merchants who bill your debit card regularly to get you started.


  1. What about my PIN? Will I need to set up a new one?

Your PIN will not change when you receive your new Visa debit chip card. However, if you lose your card, you will be asked to update your PIN when you order a replacement card.





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I need to activate our new cards but cannot until my spouse returns to the states on 22 October. Is that going to cause a problem?



Generally, speaking, you should have received a notice regarding the date the cards are valid until. If the date is before our husband returns, unfortunately it will affect his card since it would not be valid after that date. Please send us a message here to receive specific information regarding your situation: http://bit.ly/1IZlAOz. Thanks!