What is your biggest challenge working from home?

There are many benefits of working from home, but there are challenges too! What are your challenges? Mine is keeping my office work seperate from my home/personal list. I make it a point to close the door and set the timer on schedule for "work hours".


Yes!  Maintaining office hours and not being interrupted are my two biggest challenges!

I would love to know a great and legit work from home company,

I have posted some answers to your questions here:



Look at the comments - I have listed some resources for WAH opportunities.

I would like to have a job from home.  My husband is ex- army andi miss the time i was able to stay at home with the family. I would live to stay at home and work right now i work so many hours that i only see my family about 10 to 15 hours a week and i miss them. I need help.

Have you found one?

For me the biggest challenge is getting everyone else to understand that I am at work. I put up a at work sign at the door that seems to help some what. I try to seperate my personal duites from would during the work day, but sometimes they do spill over. If my children are at home they know to use the insde voice if I am on the phone. So far I am loving being able to pick up my son from school, help with home work, and cook dinner. I work a tigh schedule in the day but I also do a lot of evening runs.



Welcome to the community! I agree, I love working from home but there are challenges!

I would like to work from home because I was diagnosed with MS and no longer drive.  

I need to work!! My children are both in school and my spouse is at wor sooooo when they com home my attention needs to be on them.

I think my biggest challenge with working from home would be focusing on WORK. I am answering calls and vacuuming and trying to get quality time in with hubs before the kiddo comes home. It's a challenge to be lonely all day too! Working from home doesn't neccessarily put you in front of people so I'd say that's one of the hardest challenges for me, the lack of adult interaction!