What is "Emergency Assessment" on my FL auto policy?

What is this, exactly? $14.52 for FL EMERGENCY ASMNT - VEH 11 Effective 12/12/2014



As a Member Community Manager I don't have access to your member information nor have knowledge of this particular charge coding/reason. We do want to help, though, so please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722 who will be able to tell you exactly what this charge is in relation to. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks. I will make the contact. I'm pretty sure it is another Florida insurance "hurricane assessment".

You can be legally robbed in Florida so let us live with it! I am a home owner and I have hurricane insurance, insurance companies are responsible to cover huricane damage, premimum is already higher than any other state, excuse is "Hurricane" yet we have to be legally robbed by the ste of Florida for the service we are already paying for.