I have been a member of USAA for 10 years and I never had isssues with the banking, I was able to make mobile deposits since I was never stationed near a branch and the funds where available instantly. In the last 2 months I have made 3 different  mobile deposits to my checking account and I have had a week hold all times for no reason. There answer is that they need to verify the funds, this is unacceptable, I have no other way to deposit a check on my account besides the mobile check and no being able to have those funds available when I need them is critical for me and my family. I contacted customer service and they explained the same thing about verifying the funds and told me I have to wait, no other solution. If I make a deposit in my account is because I need the funds, not a hold. After this last check clears up I am cancelling all my USAA accounts, their new policies are unacceptable. 


Hello @AJ1582, I understand how these holds can impact you. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

I hear you AJ on that. Have seen it in action, luckily for me, direct deposit doesn't have that issue. I would recommend either leaving USAA, if you have checks that you get live or open a local account and use them for those cash checking needs and then transfer over, if it is not that frequent. USAA should be able to verify these checks faster than a week, should be two days tops and that is if it is a personal check from someone else. Many people do depend on these checks being available to pay bills and such. Best of luck!