I used to recommend USAA to all of my soldiers without reservation, now over the last couple of months I regret every person I sent to USAA. Online banking crashes constantly with a bank that does 99% of its business online because there are almost no physical locations, the app has been broken every time there is an "upgrade" it takes days to weeks for these "upgrades" to stop screwing USAA customers out of their money, and here we are again with the app having crashes multiple times since the start of this latest "upgrade", and people's hard earned money not showing up in their accounts after their direct deposit. I realize that as a bank USAA doesn't give two shakes about American citizenry, but we have bills to pay and when they aren't paid on time we get screwed with late fees that some of us can't afford to pay because the only job we can get after giving the better part of our lives in service to this country are minimum wage jobs which barely pay the bills without the late fees. And what does USAA do in response to their screw ups causing veterans to lose everything? They do nothing, there is no compensation to help cover the costs incurred by their failure, they claim that we are their number one priority but would you like to make a little wager in how many USAA employees stay at work until this problem is fixed rather than clocking out at quitting time as going home to enjoy having electricty and gas and water because they can pay their bills on time? I am guessing zero or it wouldn't take weeks to fix this garbage. Someone needs to be fired.


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