What are you doing to manage with not having scheduled transactions?

Since USAA dropped the scheduled transactions feature without any warning, I've had to track my expenses and future income / spending estimates in a google sheet.  I've looked around for other banks that offer this feature but haven't found any. 


My husband and I are still unhappy enough with the dropped feature that we're planning to switch to another bank, but I don't really want ot keep track of everything manually as I am now.  Anyone have a better solution?  I've tried using Mint, Personal Capital and GoodBudget in the past, but they ended up being completely manual as well (just prettier than a spreadsheet).


Hello @jmgdmom, It's concerning to know you're considering moving your banking during the time we are upgrading our features. The Scheduled Transactions section among other features have not rolled out yet to the new platform. Rest assured, these and other features are being developed and will launch as soon as they are available.

I do hope this will allow you to reconsider moving your banking. 

I will share your feedback with the appropriate area. Have a great week! ~ Lori C

I'm still looking at other banks too but none have had the feature like it was here. I was told PNC has really good features but haven't had a chance to look yet

This is concerning to hear, @Aargonz, as we'd hate to have you leave. Rest assured, the scheduled transaction feature, along with some other of the money management tools we've previously had available, will be added back to the page as soon as they are updated. - Cathleen

I have also posted a concern regarding the scheduled transactions as well other issues with the new app/website. As I have read other threads, the generic “We are sorry blah blah” and “ We appreciate blah blah” are getting old. I have been a member for over 15 years and have seen a degradation in their service. The ease of the previous versions has been the only thing that has kept me with USAA. I have also been looking at other institutions and have heard that Ally has a good online banking app.

@Tony2411, I appreciate your input on this subject and want to let you know the posts we receive on this topic are sent to the appropriate area to be reviewed. The tools we are in the process of making available to you will hopefully make it worth your while. The feedback we received has been heard and although we can't go back we understand that the rollout was not a smooth process for some members and for that we apologize. The scheduled transaction feature will be back. We do not have a given time frame. I wish I could give you a date but it simply has not been communicated at this point. We ask for your understanding and patience while we transition to tools with features to keep current with todays budgeting needs. We thank you for your membership.  Thank you. ~ Suzy

Replying to Suzy -


"We ask for your understanding and patience while we transition to tools with features to keep current with todays budgeting needs."


Your previous tools met our budgeting needs.  Please give us the old ones back.  They were totally fine.

I am simply creating a spreadsheet and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the scheduled transactions feature comes back *very* soon! It has cost me hours and stress to recreate the scheduled transactions (I had backed up my budget & category info since USAA had warned us those would disappear, but as we know, the missing scheduled transactions came as an unfortunate suprise). It's a disappointment, but for now, I would rather hold on and wait than have to reinvent the wheel somewhere else.