Wanted to post a cautionary tale for those who might be interested in using USAA for insurance products.  While USAA is clearly cheap when it comes to what you pay, you're going to get cheap when it comes to customer service.


I recently purcahsed  a new home and opted to use USAA for homeowners insurance.  The online sign up was quick, easy  and I was suckered in by the low price.  Because of the home's age, I apparently needed to get it "inspected" by a USAA inspector.  When the individual purporting to be a home inspector called, we agreed to have him come by for "ten maybe fifteen minutes" on the upcoming saturday based on my availability.  The inspector never showed up and I never heard back from him.  On november 19, 2019 when the mail arrived at around 2pm, I found a notice from USAA that my coverage would be cancelled effective november 20, 2019 at 12:01 am because I had not completed the required home inspection.  When I called USAA the customer service rep did everthing in her power to not find a solution but transfer me to the "appeals" line who berated me about when the letter was sent, even though the post mark on the envelope was days after the letter was dated (but the "appeals" lady kept referencing when her "system" showed the letter going out) and offered no solution for me other than filing and appeal but not having home-owners insurance.  She was utterly unsympathetic, completely unhelpful and somewhat shocked when I told her that I saw no point in wasting my time with her if the policy would not be extended while the appeal was in process, rather I had to find new insurance.  I couldn't believe that a company I had been a loyal customer to for nearly 12 years would provide me about 10 hours of formal notice that they were going to cancel my policy.  In disbelief that that could be the case I looked in my USAA documents and found not a single notice of my policy being cancelled in messages or other documents.  I reviewed my voicemail and had no (zero, none) voicemails from USAA notifying me of the cancellation of my policy.  All I had was the letter in the mail, received 10 hours before my policy was to be terminated that the "appeals" lady kept quibbling with me over when it was actually mailed.  Talk about a kick in the gut...


But wait folks, there's more...


Earlier in the week I found out that my mortgage re-finance application for a property I own had been closed because the mortgage processor "couldn't get a hold of me" even though I had uploaded all of the documents that had been requested in the USAA online mortgage portal and had checked "completed,"  I had previously tried calling the loan officer but only went to voice mail and only received calls back after the application had been closed.  After learning that my application had been closed I reviewed all the USAA documents and messages sent to me through their website and found zero, none, not one, message regarding my mortgage application or that they needed to get in touch with me about it.  I fail to understand how uploading the documents requested in the online portal led to me being non-responsive to the mortgage application resulting in its closure.  If the online portal doesn't mean anything, why even bother with it?


Add to that I was previously required to "revalidate" my eligibility for USAA membership even though I was still on active duty was somewhat disconcerting as the only way to "lose" ones membership was from being  dishonorably discharged or dismissed, which was highly insulting for USAA to imply that through their demand I "revalidate" my eligibility while they advertised that the second-cousin-of-the-family-pet-of-your-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa-who-fought-at-waterloo could get a membership. 


And let's not forget signficiant problems getting replacement credit cards when USAA implemented a "Fraud alert" on my card where I had to wait nearly a month to get a replacement card.


All of this has left me with significant frustration, hours spent on tasks that should be easy to fix but were stymied by customer service reps who were more interested in shuttling me along instead of finding a solution, leaving me to  resort to online message boards in HOPES that it finds someone at USAA who cares about customers to make things right.  However, I sense there's a greater chance in me getting promoted directly to being the CJCS before USAA ever actually caring about its customers...  


Consequently, I view this more as a cautionary tale to those who might get suckered into USAA's low rates.  They're low for a reason, and after 12 years with USAA I finally learned the hard lesson that USAA is neither Cheap and Fast, nor Cheap and Good.  USAA is only cheap.


I am very saddened to read about your experience with USAA. I appreciate you allowing us to forward your concerns and experience for review and assistance and we appreciate your patience. While I cannot provide a specific time for the follow up please be assured this area will be reaching out to you

I only wish the multiple reps that I had spoken with over the past months has been keen to develop solutions to my issues.  I really don't want timelines and I most assuredly am not interested in a response.  I spent four hours on the phone this evening with other insurance providers trying to figure out where to take my business.  All of that is time I could have spent doing something else or time I could have spent with my family.


My post was so that others may make better informed decisions about USAA and to fully understand the trust cost of USAA's "low" premiums.  You've lost a customer.  Period, full stop.