USAA is NOT what it used to be. The CEO & Board do NOT care about their customers, period. After writing a complaint letter regarding USAAs INCOMPETENT home equity department, three months later we receive a canned form letter back saying how they will work hard to for us. Never addressed our complaints, and again, 3 months later, really proves you care. Customer service, meh. Out the window. USAA proved they do not care about us, so we no longer care about them. Our money is going else where, where they actually care about our business. We now just have small money here, using Eastern Bank here where we live for our major investments. USAA doesn't help us, why should we help make them more money? USAA used to be great. Emphasis on USED TO!! (Wonder if they will bury this review like they did of my home equity department complaint. Magically never appeared anywhere.) oh and if you need a loan, own three homes and have excellent credit, don't bother to try and deal with USAAs loan dept. THEY are the biggest joke!! Done with USAA.


i disagre, they have always been helpful to us and my family. when we call them they try to help resolve any issues that come up.The whole idea behind the community is to help each other, so please share your issue, perhaps the power of the community can help you. Start with an appropriate title, like "paperwork error on loan" or an actual financial topic.

I will share my issues:


In Florida we have had unrelenting increases with no explanation other than a vague legalistic 'to cover risks'.  Ironically, these are the same reasons Allstate, State Farm, etc. use.  I pull the documents from the Florida Insurance Commissioner’s office each time an increase is request by USAA and have not found a financial loss that would justify the increases.  For the record, Florida has not had a major hurricane event in well over 10 years.  By insurance has QUADRUPLED in that period of time.  With my most recent increase my homeowners will be over $4,700 per year.  When I built the house 15 years ago it was $800.  My average increase is 15%, last year across the state everyone got a 33% increase.  This year I am getting another $15%.  


USAA has become an Allstate, State Farm and the rest of the insurance companies.  But the part that bothers me is how they market themselves as member orientated using images of veterans, flags, families, etc. Total misrepresentation of how they really operate.  At least with a for profit company I know the devil I am dealing with. 


For the first time ever, I am now soliciting other insurance companies because the cost is simply too high.  When I can move my kids off my auto insurance, I will cut my ties with USAA after over 27 years with them.

i agree they are only concerned with collecting money and will not respond to eve the most basic of error messages keep getting when i try to access any page except the ones where they want your money

I share your sentiment as well.  I've been a member for nearly 30 years. Every time they have added another "community" to the customer pool my rates have gone up. Don't get me wrong, the agents are friendly and tell you they are "working" for you. I believe the real problem is in the executive leadership and corporate policy/operations behind the scenes.  My daughter was hit in a parking garage by another USAA member 6 months ago.  USAA would not find the other driver "at fault."  It took 5 months to get the incident "reviewed" and even with photographs they determined nobody at fault and both of us had to pay the deductible, which benefited USAA. I am shopping for another insurance company for the same reasons you and others have stated.  USAA customer service is no better than any other company and there are competetive rates out there, especially the other "Service" credit unions for mortgages, auto loans, etc... USAA used to underwrite all their own policies.  Now they sub "specialty coverage" out to P rogressive but the bills, coverage and terms are not consolidated.  I took my boat, jetskiis, RV, motorcycles and ATV elsewhere already. Maybe if enough people speak up and take action by leaving USAA they will get the message and start taking care of their customers like they once did.

USAA (as many, many other corporations) are as wise about adjustments as the Biblical Egyptian king who would have had Moses literally in half. I agree USAA's customer service and employee competence are at an all time (50+ years in my case) low. Their corporate sense of exercising fair play in areas (such as your parking lot collision with another USAA insured in which discretionary action is theirs to take) within their realm of influence is unacceptable indifference to you as well as to the other party. Conclusion? USAA loses.

I too am dropping USAA insurance as soon as Monday comes around. Prices are ridiculous and will continue to rise. Customers must speak out if we want action.