Well the USAA app finally screwed me big time

Well.....the disastrous USAA mobile app finally screwed me big time!   Sure enough, due to pending and scheduled transactions not showing up I have ended up with a ZERO balance and an automatic transfer of funds to cover the overdraft!  

I am so angry I could just spit!!
I have "updated" to the newest version of the app, I have entered things into the website via my computer AND in the app itself, and spoken to multiple "reps" to no avail things are still missing in the mobile app.  It angers me that things worked so well before and their mucking around has destroyed the most useful app on my phone to the point I am now having overdraft situations.

I feel that USAA should reimburse EVERYONE who has had problems due to their ridiculousness. 

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This does seem to be a reoccurring issue with USAA's website and app.  Once again today, I am receiving these errors on both the website and app.  Sunday, it was an issue of my correct pin was not working.  


"Something went wrong with our system". "Some of your transaction information is unavailable. Please try again."  


But, I've been trying again and again today to no avail.  I have raised this concern a while back with the same response from USAA that was received above.  


These issues seem to continue to plague not just me as a user.  

D Rose,
I know!  The whole mess is one very bad joke at this point, and all we ever get is "Oh we are SO SORRY......drivel, drivel, drivel"  JUST ROLL BACK THE STUPID UPDATES ALREADY and give us back what worked well before the big fiasco of a "New and Updated" mess.

Your concerns are important to us @Dhuesey, I was able to locate your profile and will share these concerns with the appropriate area. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate you speaking up with your concerns today. -Emily