Really tired of all of the changes to the web site.  Most changes occur without any prior notification and at times information is incorrect.  I believe that USAA has an IT Department that is out of control.


It's clutered, not user friendly.

I occasionally use the depost@home feature, today I tried to use it to find out that the Java applet may not be supported by many browsers (but not all the ones I have installed) so I have to scan my check to a jpg file... two actually one of the front and one of the back, then jump through hoops to attach those files to the deposit. 


Come on, this is absurd.  It is not a secret that browsers were moving away from NPAPI but the crack development team at USAA couldn't find a fix for it other than to have me take pictures of or scan my check on a scanner and save them as jpgs.  Of course if you take pictures they have to be grayscale, no color pictures.     


My gosh, it is amazing that they couldn't be ahead of the curve and recode the image capture function for deposit@home. 


I mailed it in. 

Dear 727,

Thank you for your feedback. There is another thread here that discusses some of the reasons behind the change. I have also sent your comment to the banking technical team in hopes they have a better solution in the works. Thank you

Hi Montana,

We would appreciate some further details about the incorrect information you are seeing and some of the changes you are not pleased with. If you could please send us an email here at we will ensure your comments are routed to the IT team. Thank you.