We might as well go back to Dirt and a Stick to keep track of our accounts at this point vs the useless app

The app STILL DOES NOT show all of the pending transactions!! 

I am so angry about the screwed up app now I am beside myself here!!  I have NO IDEA what my TRUE balance is knowing there are things I scheduled that are not showing up at all.  
I do hope USAA will cover any and ALL overdrafts with this mess they've created! 


We might as well go back to Dirt and a Stick to keep track of our accounts at this point.

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When they get around to it, someone should/might/ought to get back on this forum from USAA Social Services to tell you "thank you for your feedback, and we will forward it to the appropriate team."  That's it.  Meaningless platitudes.  That's all you'll ever hear.  Nothing will change, and no one will care about what you said.  USAA seems to be quite happy with their changes to make the website and app's look and feel "more sleek and modern," and they don't care in the least that in doing so, they forced all their customers to spend literally MILLIONS OF MAN-HOURS of their precious time re-attaching all their external accounts, and in many cases, it's not even possible.  They don't care that their "stellar" IT team pushed this out without warning, without making sure that it actually did all the stuff it was supposed to, and without regard to the fact that they didn't bother to make sure that their links to external accounts were preserved.  Heck, that's YOUR problem.


Clearly, they know by now the massive problems they've caused all of their customers who use their website and/or app (which I assume is >99%).  There's no doubt that they're aware of the issues they've caused.  But trust me, they won't ever admit it.  The won't admit that their IT team bungled this so badly that they'll lose customers over it.  And those who stick around (the overwhelming majority, of course) will just be p*ssed off about how this rollout cost them precious time, heartache and aggravation.  The key is, they (and you) will stick around; that's all USAA cares about.  


What a fiasco.  But, hey, at least it looks "modern and sleek," right?