Wanna thank USAA for my huge ssa distribution

36 years and a little over 200 bucks

Steady decline in distributions

Worse than ever customer service

No longer attractive insurance rates

First time in four decades I will have to shop USAA really not any tangible benefit to it anymore
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I left as well, Rachael.  35 years.  USAA has lost site of its core values, sadly.  No true connection to the military except false allegiance through pricy advertising.  Members are now just customers - expendable and replaceable.  The business strategy seems to be: cut corners on customer service and try to make up for it in customer volume.  Maybe the worst part is (very rich real estate expert) Wayne Peacock’s hollow Veterans’ Day thanks as part of a targeted advertising campaign.  It seems contrived, false and offensive.  Sad.

I'm saddened to hear that you're feeling this way DGM. The thoughts that you shared regarding advertising and business strategy are very concerning and I have escalated these concerns to the appropriate team so that they can be reviewed. We appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention and we thank you for your patience as we look into this. 

USAA gives you $200 back but will overcharge you $2000 or more compared to other companies' rates.  Smart move to shop around.  USAA can be beaten on every product they offer.

Update:  It's even worse.  After just now completing a USAA quote for my 4 vehicles, USAA is 91.6% higher than my renewing policy.  Good luck with your SSA distribution.  I'm enjoying my cost savings that are many times better than a SSA distribution.

Definitely shop around. I saved $700 on my homeowners premium by switching to Erie. The USAA rep I spoke to didn't think that that was even possible to save that much. The only difference was eerie offered full replacement cost where USAA had a set amount. So the coverage was actually even better. There are so many companies now that can beat them cost wise.

Thank you for reaching out @jbny2076, it's difficult to hear your disappointment and that you have moved your insurance away from USAA. We are not always the least expensive insurer and when comparing, the company's financial strength, customer service, and claims satisfaction are three important factors to consider in addition to price. USAA consistently ranks high on all three. We appreciate your membership and please know your feedback is important to us, I'm sharing your comments for further review and consideration. Since our rates can change, I hope that  you will check back with us in the future and we can earn your business back. -Paula

Oh wow, this is concerning to read, as we never want our long-standing members leaving us, especially on a bad note. Our distributions can fluctuate from year to year as the cost to repair and replace cars, along with the increased cost of home repairs which were driven by inflation, supply-chain issues, and labor shortages will impact our financial results. The distribution rates are lower than last year based on these challenges and our promise that USAA will remain financially strong. For more information regarding these distributions please visit usaa.com/safaq. We're grateful for your 36 years of membership and I've forwarded your post to the correct areas for awareness. -Rachael 

It has nothing to do with an over paid CEO and a massive advertising budget?  Why advertise?  Everyone who should know about USAA already does.