Thank tou USAA for sending the info letters about what is going on with the markets and guding us through these storms

But what we need to remember is that it is NOT China's fault or Greece's. After all USA is the greatest country in the wrold so we need to take ownership and as always perserviere through tought times

So to get us thru all this madness I leave you with this words of encouragement for the white knuckle ride

FEAR equals LOSS


Thanks for commenting 2LT Med Corp!

While I take issue with your statement of the US being the best country in the world, I agree that getting educated on the markets in times likes this and staying the course is very wise. If you have done your homework and are in a good asset allocation then there is nothing to do when the market drops except go out on a good hike or read a book. Then again, if you can squeeze a little extra from your budget, it is better to invest more when the market is on sale then whe it is at its heights. Perhaps we just need better marketing.


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