WARNING... Fake Usaa phishing App in the apple App Store

I was reinstalling usaa on my IPad today and saw a fake Usaa app in the Apple Store by Parlant Technology inc. ( as opposed to the real one by USAA) it is looking for your bank login, pin and security questions. I hope someone in USAA security reads this and complains to Apple..


Thank you for the heads-up. I never would've considered that in the Apple app store.


Thank you for taking the time to report this application. It is wonderful that you are being vigilant about your member data!


I have sent the application for our security team for review just in case, but it looks to me like this application if for the Urban Superintendents Association of America.Which is a," national organization of urban superintendents dedicated to the proposition that America is strong and vibrant because of its public school system."


Thank you again for your comment and your dedication to looking our for other members!! :)

One is USAA.com, the other is USAA.org.