I am at a total loss for tryin got get help.


My former USAA money Market checking accounts have moved to Vicory Capital. I can not reach anyone at Vicorty Capital after 2 days on hold. I was required to call in to correct a contact number in order to re-establish my online capabilites with Victory capital. I just can not get anyone to anwer the phone there so I have no account access no service no nothing. I of couse will begin to close these accounts due to this issue but in the meantime I am stuck with no account access. This is very disapointing that USAA could select such a group that is this bad with service, yes we may have been spoiled for 40 years but we did not deserve this level of horrible service. Unfortunatley USAA decison to move our business to a financial instituion that can not answer their phone will forever taint my faith in USAA. USAA must take some responsibility for selecting such a incompetent group.



If you still can't reach them by phone, email may work. The address on their site for their transferred clients is:




Hope this works for you!

I've use email to contact them and I get excuses and lip-service.

Hello @disgustedwith. I am very sorry to hear of this experience. I have forwarded your feedback to a specialist to review. -Colleen

Victory Capital ! - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

Victory Capital made an unauthorized withdrawal from my USAA checking account to my "new" USAA Money Market Fund.  I have a set amount tranferred every payday (1st and 15th) to the MMF as an emergency account.  VC made 2 transfers after my last payday: one the 16th and again on the 17th.  This created a Non-Sufficient Funds event when I went to an ATM to get some cash I need for an upcoming out-of-country trip.  Called USAA and was told that I had to "dispute" the transaction with the merchant and resolution could take up to 45 days.  I opened this Money Market Fund years ago because USAA provided a reliable, convenient, cost effective way to stash money outside of my main banking accounts.  Since the sale of this account to Victory Capital, none of those attributes exist anymore.  I am trying to close the account and move the money somewhere else but no one will answer the phone at VC.   BAD MOVE USAA. You used to be focused on the needs of the membership.  That focus has apparently shifted.  Starting to rethink my overall relationship with your company.

@Since 1983, I'm sorry to learn of the unauthorized Victory Capital withdrawals which resulted in non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees, and I'm saddened that this situation has caused you to rethink your relationship with USAA. We'd hate to lose you business. I will share your concerns with the appropriate USAA team for review. ~DC