Is anyone happy with the switch to Victory Captial (VCM)?  I have been trying to for weeks to log in and/or get help with the website and it has proven impossible to contact a live, human being.  It is unconsciousable that USAA would not have ensured a smoother transition than has evidently occurred.  For the past few years, in my opinion (I am a 40 plus year member of USAA), the service has denegrated to levels of such poor quality that I am surprised USAA still uses the phrase, "We Know What It Means to Serve".  This is supposed to be a member owned association but I think the current CEO and Board of Directors have let we members down.  This passing of the money to VCM should have been thouroughly investigate and monitored to ensure a smooth transition.  It's as though the USAA leadership breathed a huge sigh of relief when the VCM assumption of responsibility day arrived, thereby abrogating their responsibility in the matter.  Shame on the current USAA leadership (or lack of it) and Board of Directors.  If this was really a member owned organization, then we should be clamouring for their resignations.  Alas, USAA has morphed from a caring and dedicated company to a corporate conglomerate interested only in the bottom line and not its clientele.


@tikkun, Thank you for your 40+ years of trust and loyalty. Sorry to read that you are so disappointed with the transition. This isn't how we would ever want you to feel as a member of USAA. I am forwarding this post now to an area that is helping with the transition to Victory Capital. Thank you ~Tom